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Name: Bakura
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 10 Dec 2018
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Well hello Everyone! Welcome to the shadow games! they will began again one day! I will soon be powerful and create the living undead of spirits to help me take over the world soon are later in the years. I am practicing Summoning Demons and controlling them. I have a gift and they all want my help but I don't know how to use it! Some things you need to know about me that I want you to know about me: 1: I hide things in secret 2: I am a good thief, Spy and liar. 3: I am a girl but some people think I'm a boy. (The way I sound and look) well I don't were what girls were and I don't act like one so.. 4: I love Satan and all Demons and spirits. But my family doesent know..Kinda. haha! i used to be Christain but now im a Saintanist who Worships him. 5: I will do anything to get my way. 6: im very sinful i make to many sins in my life and i LOVE IT. 7: I dont like being around others and im hurt inside way to much. 8: I do magick in secret from my family. 9: My familys family was royalty and they come from Ejept (Sorry if i cant SPELL) 10: I CANT SPELL RIGHT! AND I HATE IT!!! 11: Its hard to make me mad. (But when i do...Watch out) 12: I am EVIL and GOOD! hahhaah!! I also have 2 sides me. 13: I love Power!! and i will rule once again!! 14: I love anime and gamming also im a fury. 15: Well i like to learn new power!! and thats all you need to know!! oh also call me... Lets see here... Soulless Oh also I'm looking for a Teacher...Who can Just email me on here and Teach me some things.. they don't have to but I love info. If its about secrets of this world and all universes!! Im going to change this world!! Btw i dont know why im here and if my desteny is to control this world probly not. but its a dream.