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Name: Aria_Fae
Birthday: Apr 13 1993
Location: Ohio, USA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 18 May 2019
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Hi! Welcome to my profile! I'll go by Aria here (don't want to reveal my real name). Also, I am an Aries.

I have been studying (and somewhat practicing) Paganism since April of 2015 (experience listed below), but I've mostly had a focus on divination-specifically, oracle cards. I have read books and e-books on Paganism and researched online as well. I even have a folder for Pagan websites and things on the bookmark section of my computer. I have been drawn to Celtic mythology but am open to learning more about other mythologies. Another thing about me: even though I'm a fire sign, I'm more drawn to the element of air...weird, I know.

I am engaged to an awesome guy, so no flirting or romance please.

I hope to learn everything that this site has to offer, since this is my first Pagan website. If you want to know more about my experiences, let me know!

Blessed be,

Aria Fae

Chakras (as of 3/7/2019)

Root: under-active (-31%)

Sacral: over-active (62%)

Navel: under-active (-38%)

Heart: open (44%)

Throat: under-active (6%)

Third Eye: under-active (0%)

Crown: under-active (0%)


-Divination (oracle cards mostly)

-Basic knowledge

-Book of Shadows

-Created mini ritual

-May be an empath

*Anything else I can think of will be added here later.

Would Like to Study




-Elemental magick

-Lunar magick/solar magick (if that's possible)

*Anything else that comes to mind, I'll add later.


-Brigid, Celtic goddess: motivating me to study on exams (also, fire sign). I call upon her through an essential oil that I have.

*Note that any deities listed are not for worship per se, but they can be called upon to help me with things going on in my life.