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The word " turnabout " is a noun that means a sudden change, or reversal of something, like an opinion, one's circumstances or possibilities, ideas, or direction. Such a thing is not unnatural, it is an indigenous creature within the sea of chaos that is our multiverse, whether we as humans choose to accept it or not. It is the definition of what I am, always have been, and was always meant to be and harness, hence why I choose to refer to myself as a chaos witch.

Alright, nerdy crap nobody cares about out of the way, I'm a seventeen-year-old baby chaote. I do practice (sigils, spellcraft, meditation, & tarot divination), but I also have lots of reading to do to improve my craft. I also recently realized I have tulpas.

My goal with magick is to both raise and reach my highest potential, to improve myself so I can more effectively reach my goals, and learn about the universe (and, hopefully, the multiverse) and it's nature to quench that biting human curiosity. And maybe a lovely succubabe if I get too bold for my own good sometime, who knows.

I'm not a fan of categorizing magick as black or white, good or evil. Those categories to me are pretty useless, even naive, because it is the actual beings who have morals, not magick itself. I do have a sense of morality,there are things that I personally consider inherently wrong, but I see itas my personal opinion, not a universal law. The world ain't good guys and bad guys, it's a bunch of crazy guys with differing intentions who think they're heroes.

Also, don't try to roleplay with me. I'm not here for that.