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Name: HexinDespair
Location: The 9th Circle of Hell
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 02 Sep 2018
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Hello and welcome to my profile I promise I wont bite to hard I do well with Black Magic and practice some in Necromancy I am devoted to death,the dead as of well the end of all things and dwell in the night as the same beyond that though I do practice White Magic as in healing and protection same with sexual magika once in a black moon and research things on Demonology also I do totally FREE Tarot card readings if anysoul is interested so then come sit down and discuss Existence with me! ;) and just remember nothing is eternal not even you an me.(want to know more feel free to message me)

Note: Tarot Cards tell Past, Present, Future nothing more nothing less

Statues: In the realm between Life and Death

|| What I Practice||

  1. Black Magic (Revenge, Hex, Curses)
  2. White Magic (Protection and Healing)
  3. Summoning (Demons, Others)
  4. Tarot (Past, Present, Future)
  5. Voodoo (Hex, Curse, Revenge, Control)
  6. Necromantic (Bring the Dead Back to Life)
  7. Sexual Magic (Lust, Wants, Desire, Pleasure)
  8. Elemental Magic (Fire, Earth, Air)

|| Things you need to know about me ||

  • I love the color red
  • I have two sides watch witch one you talk too (Light & Dark)
  • I can be Cold or Rude at times
  • I can also be very awkward at times and am very shy
  • I don't cast spells for you so don't ask
  • I believe in past lives
  • I am very open minded soul
  • I hate stupidity
  • I do Believe in love some what
  • I am a Medium and a Empath also a Mental Physic
  • I am neither with good or evil I am Neutral
  • I believe in balance
  • I love the Stars in the sky
  • I love Wolfs, Snakes, and Bats
  • I can speak some Russian, Latin and German
  • I am very dark and morbid
  • I Trust very few to the point of no one
  • I seek the truth not the lies
  • I believe the body is simple just a vessel that we are all trapped in
  • I believe in Multiple Universes
  • I am a lined with the Left Hand Path
  • I do not believe in purpose
  • I am a Warlock not a Witch
  • Demons rule Angels Drool!
  • Favorite circles 1st circle Wraith, 2nd circle Lust, 9th circle Treachery

|| Favorite Quotes||

  1. There must be Destruction before Creation
  2. Mortal bodies weren't meant to live forever.
  3. You can be a king or a street sweeper but everyone dances with the grim reaper.
  4. It doesn't matter if you are the happiest person or an unfortunate weeper a powerful beats or a terrifying creature we are all equal in the eyes of the reaper.
  5. Life asked Death Death, why do people love me but hate you Death reasoned because you are the beautiful lie and I am the panful truth.
  6. The Smell of death is everywhere.
  7. The Pen is mightier than the sword.