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Name: Druantia
Birthday: Sep 10 1998
Location: Out in the woods, under the sun
Gender: Female
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Greeting's ! My name is Druantia, however you may call me Bear if it is easier.
* My name Druantia, is the name of the Celtic Fir Goddess and Mother of the tree of Calender.
I am a Natural healer, who belong's on the Green road, and is hoping to learn more about Celtic Shamanism ( If anyone has any good book's, or websites to help me along the way feel free to message me ).
Here are my area's of knowledge or current study:
Crystal Magic
Candle Magic
Astrology & a bit of Astronomy
Element's ( working with, corridantion of, and the Elemental's )
The Fay
Divination ( Tarot card's, Palmastry, Fire reading's, etc. )
Vizulization and Grounding
If you need help with anything or wish to talk and share knowledge feel free to message me.