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Name: RavensDraumr
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Looking for someone to take me under their wing. I am not afraid to learn new things, just need a guide.

I am known as Raven, Paige, and Angel.

I had an old account called Angel42297.

If you truly think you can achieve vampirism, immortality, or any of that with any of the spells on this site. Then you are delusional. Do true research outside of this site. Hopefully not everyone I wish to converse would feel the same way. There are sadly barley any sites to find a teacher, so here I am.

"Clouds separate as the unknown entity falls through. Falling and falling, pass the millions upon millions of stars and unknown worlds. Pass the blue giant who slowly goes by. Its destination comes up just a bit after, a tiny ball of green and blue. It does not understand, but it does not need to. It falls and falls, its vision leaving as white appears around its edges. A tall structure awaits it, a motionless child sleeps within. This shall be its new home. It relaxes in and the child wakes up. Is it a punishment? A gift? What is its purpose?" - A Memory from a Young Child