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Name: BaJinn
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I've been studying for a while. This and that. One of my favorite passtimes is "Reserved For The Cat". I may be a bard, since I love music, and if you tell me something crazy, I may ask you to prove it. Druid at heart, and Wiccan at the root(s), with Runes and TaroT, and healings to boot! Queries of these kind, I can answer with haste. But be it unknown, together we should chase.. Like Mr. Lincoln, I cannot tell a lie, yet many a man doth force me to try. By earth, in water, of fire, I fly. Ever aspiring to kiss the sky.. Dare to ask me why? 'Fear is the Mind Killer','Be Water My friend', 'God is a DJ', 'This is not THE END!' For those who wish to delve into the depths of mindfullness, without fear of religious or otherwise unwarranted persecution, i offer a link to °Baba's House°. A Discord server inspired by mysticism, and supported by 'fringe' science. Click the web link above to come visit. ( This link will not expire, but failing to verify account with mod or council will result in expiration of visitors pass within 24 hours. Access to extended forum/posts requires verification of SoM Username(s), or name of reference.