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Name: Celtos
Location: Romania
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Not much to say. Until 7 years old i used to have many health problems. Sick of the same responses from the doctors, my parents tried to search a different way to help me, thus my first connection with the occult. A lot of remedies were practiced on me for a lot of time. And it seems it worked, since 8 years old, i almost never visited a doctor again, except for broken bones. I was always fascinated by all the weird stuff that people brought by my family and my family themselves did. My aunt taught me all sorts of chants, rituals and spells (together with tarot) to help me whenever i felt like i needed help. I broke my connection with this arts several times, sometimes because i just didn't practiced them (as for the lack of need) or because the church and my father. I never really knew what to make out of what i knew, or where to learn more about it, but every time i came back to the occult (even a simple tarot reading) i felt a burning passion to know more. Thus again i find myself again with the same old burning passion in my soul, and this time i don't want to brush it off, so here i am looking for some guidance in the arts of the occult. Maybe there was something to say after all...