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Name: littlebija
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Welcome to my profile. Not much to say, I am here to learn and to be inspired. Most recently I have been contemplating the Witch's Pyramid, and the Pillar assigned to the concept "To be silent" is a good description of what I am contemplating and practicing lately. I am a solo practitioner and have walked my path for a long while now.

I am open to talk, but I most likely will not be starting any conversations (though I enjoy conversations with substance to them), so if I seem quiet and not very talkative that is why. Please respect my quiet, and that respect will be returned.

If you wish to mail me please do so with some things in mind:

-Please no roleplay

-No, I will not do a reading for you

-I am married, so please do not flirt

-Please have a subject if you wish to mail me, and please don't mail me with only a subject with no follow up in the mail. So mailing me "Hello" and nothing else will most likely not be answered.

-I will not entertain anyone who wants to be changed into something, like a werewolf or a vampire or whatever. You are physically a human and will remain so.


-It is up to me who I mail back and not up to the member who originally mailed me

Thanks for visiting my little quiet corner of the site.