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Name: littlebija
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Welcome to my profile. Not much to say, I am here to learn and to be inspired. am a solo practitioner and have walked my path for a long while now.

I am open to talk, but I most likely will not be starting any conversations (though I enjoy conversations with substance to them), so if I seem quiet and not very talkative that is why.

If you wish to mail me please do so with some things in mind:

-Please no roleplay

-No, I will not do a reading for you

-I am married, so please do not flirt

-Please have a subject if you wish to mail me, and please don't mail me with only a subject with no follow up in the mail. So mailing me "Hello" and nothing else will most likely not be answered.

-I will not entertain anyone who wants to be changed into something, like a werewolf or a vampire or whatever. You are physically a human and will remain so.

Thanks for visiting my little quiet corner of the site.