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Name: Desmondgirl1
Birthday: 15 2001
Location: Tennesee and Please subscribe to my channel
Gender: Female
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I have many names call me what you see fit of them when you message me ,Rebbecca, Vanassa, Sierra, Ash, Ashley, Soulchild, Sacrifice, Love, Kitty, Kitten ,Pet, Chica. I love animals and children sadly i look scary and act scary too. im emo or goth which ever you see i've also been called a nerd a gamer. I DJ i have my own youtube channel please do subscribe. ive been interested in magick since i was small yes i'm wiccan and a i consider my self a witch people are scared of what they don't understand after all. i'm loyal until the end. i do roleplay all kinds. I'm not single so don't ask dears. i'm a chill girl until you make mad so so don't come up insulting me i will block the report you those who block me with out a reason what the heck was that for. I will always tell the truth so don't ask if you hate the truth. i'm flirtatious by nature but never think i'm actually interested mkay. i love to read i have my nose stuck in a book half the time. i live for the thrill of speed so yeah i dirtbike and fourwheeler sometimes i want a motercycle for my first real veichle. my heart belongs to the ocean for real i find my self dreaming of it its always been tied to my heart. i want to live in tokyo more than anything. my race is mixed but i don't know what i am fully though eyes look japenese so does my skin tone . don't lie to me i see through it. i have a talent of predicting futures and having prophetic dreams i'm her for knowledge if you must know im here for my friends too and i always find myself coming back I'm a bit of a pet I like to have a master but beware I'm wild and tough to tame (;