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Name: Desmondgirl1
Birthday: Apr 15
Location: Falling down from the sky with bloody wings
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 18 May 2019
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Coven Title: Council

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"I'm friends with the monster under my bed get along with voices inside of my head" "the ocean remembers times they have brought you to my side the ocean never lies just the waves and tonight" I'm kitty I'm good at pretending I'm okay when I'm really not its a skill.I can see spirits and talk to them I was born with the ability so I can't tell you how I do it. I like to drown my self in the music. I have this thing where I cannot stand to be touched . I'm bisexual but I'm more into men I don't care I hate you too . I rp I do fluff get over it people geez . I dont believe in a god he's never helped me once in my life so no I don't believe there is a god. I don't like people that much. I'm extremely flirty but it's just my personality. I guess that's all about me or whatever.