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Name: Liverbeans
Birthday: Dec 4
Location: Connecticut
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I'm 30ish, a wife and a mother of one. I've Practiced for going on 20 years but don't follow ant strict path. I've always been drawn to a more open and spiritual life and I choose to follow and believe what feels right for myself at that time in my life, rather than a straight set of rules or beliefs.
I am almost completely self taught, through intuition, books, video, and hours and hours of careful study and hands on work.
My areas of specialty are herbs and crystal work, spell candles, Mojo bags and sachets, and spell & altar bottles/talismans.
I hand grind specialty herb blends and make and grown as many of my own supplies as I can.
My top interests are rootwork/herbs, and crystals along with divination and enchantments.
I sell some of my favorite creations on Etsy and I hope all who enter enjoy the items and tools as much as I do.
In my free time I enjoy sewing, crafting, reading and looking for neat finds in nature.