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Name: L.Ashcrow3
Location: New York State
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Last Seen: Thu, 15 Aug 2019
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Hello there! Welcome to my profile. ? My name is Leumas Ashcrow. I love helping people who have questions as it helps me learn more. if you have any questions about any of my practices, do not hesitate to shoot me some mail. :)


I work with the Goddess Hecate, we have a really strong bond. I will not stand for injustice against minorities or children and my beliefs align with Hecate regarding the mistreatment of people invoking anger in us. I must warn you, if you show a purposefully ignorant mind, I will call you out on it. It is 2018, and if you are still a racist, agist, homophobe, then you deserve to be called out on your faults.



Some of my practices include:

*Sigil magic.

*Herbal Magic.

*Poison Magic and Pharmacopeia.

*Empathy Magic.

*Crystal Ball Scrying.

*Smoke and Smoke Ball Scrying.

*Spirit Communication.

*Spiritual Plane traveling (Visiting the Otherworld".

*Candle Magic.


I am an empath and will always try to be around to chat if you are having a bad day. We are all in this life together and must hold each other up at times. Thanks for reading!