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Name: Avox1324
Location: Hokitika
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Hi everyone im Paige, im always keen for a conversation and making new friends My Hobbies Include Taking Care of animals telling jokes, quizzes and brain teasers I LOVE sushi listening to music Video Games / Xbox 360 / computer / phone / tablet Drawing Anime Hanging out with friends and family Casting Spells Art Making new friends helping people get through tough times making things I really enjoy school My fav music bands are- Imagen Dragons, The Cab, Fall Out Boy, Little Mix and many others sadly I don't have social media My Dislikes Include Bullies Math Haters Disbelievers Chillies Lies Star Sign: Aries Sibling of six other sisters Feel free to message me anytime I'm always up for a good chat, if you want to know something about spells just talk to me im sure i can help, Ima HUGE HUGE lover of wolves and ALL other animals, I want to be an animal protector when I'm older If you need someone to talk to but you feel like you cant talk to anyone face to face then I'm always there for you. If you need to let your emotions out come to me, I don't judge, or criticize, I will ALWAYS listen and help you get through tough times. I've got your back no matter WHAT.