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Name: Arpitadas
Birthday: Nov 2 2002
Location: Forest
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 07 Aug 2018
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Hey everyone I'm Arpita. . I'm learning black magic & necromancy from my childhood. I like - nature, animals, birds, flowers, floral fragrance & songs. I've evil eye. Fav flower - Lavender, cherry blossom, Lilac Fav color - purple, cherry Fav band - linkin park, twenty pilots Fav people - Selena Gomez, Dua lipa, Milla jovovich Fav song - Numb, It ain't me, Scared to be lonely, Come & get it Hair color - copper red Eye color - Brown Age - 15 Hight - 5"9 Element - fire Zodiac - virgo Hobbies - singing and dancing Learning - telekinesis, levitating, lucid dreaming Relationship - Single Magic l can do:- Voodoo witchcraft summoning Aura Healing Protection Banishing Binding My ability is I can see the vision in my dream since my childhood. & now I want to learn lucid dreaming. I can cast different types of spells so if anyone need my help just message me. My Chakras: Root: under active(-6%) Sacral:open(44%) Navel:under active(-31%) Throat:under active(6%) Heart:open(12%) Third Eye:over active(69%) Crown:Under active(6%)