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Name: WillowDoe
Birthday: May 19 1993
Location: Atlanta, Ga
Gender: Female
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Once upon a time I started a coven on SoM when I was reallllyyy young (I believe it was 07 or so) and just beginning my practicing of the esoteric. lol .....
That being said a lot has changed since. I follow no particular path and judge none who do. I am a student of the universe. I now read cards on a professional level and am beginning to venture more into crystals. Although I have been a fan for years and very connected, I have yet to use crystals in their full potential and am looking forward to what this journey brings me. I'm a musician and biology major. If you were to classify me, I guess I would be considered an eclectic solitary kitchen witch. My great grandmother was born with a caul over her face and was connected to the other side on an extremely intense level, knowing her has always pushed me to look beyond the veil.
Be present. Be now. Be you.