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Name: VictorySiren
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Hey guys! Im new to the website but not new to magic. I have had an idea of magic since i was in 2nd grade. i had interactions with spirits and ghosts and strange things that science cannot explain. I am Christian, 13 years old and in 7th grade at Max Abbot. I am a bit lonely and my only friend is younger than me (she is a mermaid). I am looking for mermaid spells because, whats a siren without the tail? I am a siren....dont judge! But i reeeaally would like a tail to go with it? Looking for a magic teacher. Im good at weather magic! and if you know anything about mermaid magic mail me! And more explanation about the siren part: I was BORN with it. There is no spell, it just comes with the life. And for one I dont do the evil-ish luring-sailors-to-their-deaths-thing, sorry! As a little kid I loved to sing and things of that area, my parents dont believe in magic, only God but I have a Grandma that has Spiritual-Ghost experience, and a Oma who has seen angels, talked to spirits and has healing magic but she wont talk to me about it sadly.... So I would really like some help on basic magic and spell casting please! Thanks guys! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blue- I want a second chance Yellow- you're cute Green- I want a kiss Purple- I will die for you Red- I want you to kiss me Pink- lets cuddle Orange- I owe you a kiss Black- I want a hug White- I'm crushing on you Brown- I love you Crimson- die Turquoise- I dont like you Aqua- I hate you Gold- lets be friends Silver- you're my enemy Grey- I think im falling in love Mystery- what i want is you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My favorite games: Pokemon, Star stable Favorite music: anything by Melanie Martinez Favorite animal: CATS Dislikes:"Normal" people, bugs, dogs, sharks, rude people. R/S: Single ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hair color: Light brown with faint blond streaks Eye color: Crystal blue..(sometimes it changes to aquamarine) Mood:Calm...unless you make me mad....