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~I`m safe, up high, nothing can touch me, why do I feel this parties over?~ I`m 14 years young in this lifetime and have been practicing Witchcraft for a year and a half. I`m not Wiccan or Pagan. I respect all religions but am not any one. I serve the Godhead and fight ignerence and lies, even though they`re prettier then the Truth. I seek enlightenment and my mission in life is to enlighten others and show them Truth. ~Is there somewhere we can go to get away, where there's truth and people mean just what they say?~ Presently I am an empath, can see the future, vaguely see auras, and can... project my thoughts? Empathy is when you can sense others emotions. Some people actually feel what others are feeling but I rarely do, (thank goodness). Lately a bit of telepathy has come with it to. I'v been able to see the future for as long as I can remember but I'm not really working with that right now. Recently I'v found it more fun to let life surprise you... I just recently learned to see auras. I looked up a few weeks ago and my whole body was surrounded in purple, which surprised me just a bit... I'v now learned to see others auras and see my families' quite frequently. ~The night is calling, and it whispers to me softly come an play, I am fall`en, an if I let myself go I`m the only one to blame!~ The whole thought projection thing is really new to me. Basically I just think of something then forget about it and it happens. It's not seeing the future its actually causing it to happen. I haven't learned how to do it yet without first forgetting it, so i do things unintentionally most of the time. Its kinda like sigil magick without the sigil. ~I love to get messages and talk to people :)~