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Name: SoulReaper17
Location: Shepherdsville Kentucky
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 21 Apr 2019
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My true name shall be kept hidden u can just call me the soul reaper now i process dark power, power that i shouldn't have. I have dark knowledge in my head alot of dark covens would find interesting im looking for the right coven to join to expand my talents even futher for i would be a valuable asset to if given the chance now when it comes to me i don't role play i dont tell stories this isn't holloywood i speak truth i have been on here for a few years now watching from the shadows waiting for an opportunity to prove myself. Black cross if u are reading this i have developed an interest in you and if given the chance i can help u have an interest in me. When it comes to darkness hell and fire, unthinkable ,unimaginable, dark power look no futher and i would no problem proving myself to u. And if anyone else is reading this if u wanna know the dark element's and join me on the darkside then hmu until then ill be in your head under your bed ready to break a leg hahahahahahahahahaha