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Name: DNephilim666
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Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 22 Jul 2016
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" Magic isn't black or white , it is us. It moves through us, in is, around us and for us and for that it has no color but that which we make it. It is our own color and for each is our own " - Magic isn't about fancy stuff on TV, it's not controlling people or getting an A on the math test because your too lazy to study. Magic I'd about feeling the connection that we have with each other , ourselves, and the natural world around us. It's about, giving back to the earth what it gave to us and sharing knowledge _____________________________________ Hello and Welcome to my profile. My name is Aaliyah, but when I turn 18 in a few months I'm changing it to: Liya Amelia Bachert ( Legally I am doing that and taking back my birth name ). I want to point out a few things before I get into it about myself, and if any of this offends You, sorry, but I honestly don't care..... 1) If your one this site ( in my opinion), your here to learn about or find others who study and practice: Witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, and other such religions. Not here to role play. Those who come here to learn and study should not be hypocrites about the mixing of religion for it is not right, and that reincarnation is one aspect of the said practice. 2) If you choose to message me, it MUST have a SUBJECT!! I don't want bs with simple hellos hoping to start a conversation. I don't want you to write just to tell me that you like my profile and think I am cool, it's a waste of time and space. I can help those who need help, but not those who want straight answer's, you have to do work as well, life won't satisfy the lazy and I won't cater to it either. I want no part in flirting or role playing, I am not here to make friends ( but if I do over time that is fine ). I don't want to here some sad story of your social life, I am not a therapist and nor do I care, I have my own problems. LASTLY.. 3) I will not under any circumstances .... I REPEAT --NOT cast spells or rituals for you or turn you into something that you are not _____________________ Still here ??? Okay, cool let's get to know me , hu?? Name : Already told you Age: 17 going on 18 Zodiac sign: Birth : Virgo Sun: Sagittarius Birth element: Earth ( Although Astrology and Elements like to argue ) Sun element: Fire ( duh...) Favorite Animal(s): Owl, Serpent, and bear Favorite people/character's: Edgar Allan Poe, Jack Skellington, and The Mad Hatter Totem Animal: Bear & Fire Serpent _____________ *Things I study, work with or have knowledge in : - Demonology - Herbology ( herbs, uses of herbs, preparations, magical uses, etc.) - Mythology ( Mythological creatures, myths, legends, etc.) - Spirits ( Angels, spirits, "Ghost's", Shadow's, nature Spirit's, etc.) - Other world ( Astral projection, the astral plane, astral world) - Elements ( element correspondence , how to work with the Elements, elementals , etc.) -Astrology and Astronomy - Shaman ( what a shaman is, their practice, etc.) - Magick ( candle magic, sex magic, knot magic, shadow magic, earth magic, etc.) - Religion ( Druid beliefs, Wiccan, Pagan, Celtic, Nordic, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and many other cultures, believes and religious views ) -Spell craft ( Writing rituals, casting spells, preforming rituals , rit. correspondence, etc.) - Misc ( candles, seasons, incense , altar's , etc.) ( Much much more, but it would take forever) _____________