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Who am I...well for starters both my paternal and maternal grandparents are shamans. I have cousins who are also shaman, too. My father has the ability to dream of deaths in the family a week before it happens and it usually is on target. He even dreamt of his own death. According to my mother who he told it to, it happened as he dreamt it.
At 5 years old, I had my first paranormal experience. I can see, hear, and talk to ghosts. There has been a couple of times when my family would see a ghost take on my apperance or hear my voice calling out to them. A couple family members had dreams of ghosts wanting to marry me or waiting for me outside. The first time I talked to a ghost was in early June of 2016 because a girl asked me to help her identify who the spirits with her are. Lately, a little girl has been calling my name. She's not a good entity due to the fact that she punched my sister's left shoulder after giggling.
Through my dreams I can tell when I'm going to get into arguments or something negative will take place in the near future...usually within 3 days. I learnt of a spell that I usually cast early in the morning to wash all the negative energy away. Before this spell, I would just mentally prepare myself and try to avoid it as best as I can which doesn't work 98% of the time.
I have talked to a lot shamans and very powerful spiritual guides who have all told me the same thing. According to them I draw in ghosts and spirits because of my bright aura but I also have a golden shell protecting me from spiritual attacks. Three of them have told me that I'm more powerful than I really believe myself to be and that I need to meditate over a bowl of water. Honestly...that sounds a little unbelievable and unlikely but here I am. My mom thinks that I could have the makings to be a shaman like my grandparents.
I want to explore my gifts if I do have them. Most importantly, I want to discover myself in the mystical world of magick that I've been born into.