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Name: Terbosius2
Birthday: Apr 6
Gender: Female
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(I updated my bio, again) If anyone knows of a working wish or transformation spell please tell me and I'd be grateful beyond belief Hi I'm Terbosius but u can call me terbo I love meeting new people and role-playing, so if you want to just ask I don't have social media so don't ask please I have a bad habit of sounding like I'm flirting but I'm not I swear I'm bi, but really like girls more (taken sorry) I love meeting different species that aren't human, their just so cool and interesting X) I'd love to make as many friends as possible on this site X) And I'm as I said above, a geeky, awkward, gamer so if your any of those three things please messege me I'd love to be friends, While my bio makes me seem kinda childish (atleast I think it does) I do like to talk in stupid little speech patters or use funny words but I am quite smart for my age so if you want an intellectual conversation just ask.also I like to try and keep a convo going with whatever I can but if I just say ok or yep I'm out of ideas Something stupid (dare by everything girl) Potato's are purple (dare by rainbow) Jeremiah David street hutton(dare by everything girl) Also of you know why honeyblossom blocked me please someone tell me, I don't know why and I feel bad vvvv Messege for people who made it this far in my bio vvvv If u made it this far u actually had the patience to do so or cared enough to want to know more about me, so I'm gonna tell u guys something about me. I am transgender, the whole reason I joined this site was to find a spell to one day become a girl, hince the thing in the top of my bio, anyways just thought you'd like to know :D *****