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Name: Grace345
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Hello! I know you're on my page, lol, get off... Im kidding, but anyways, im gonna keep this clean & simple.... No, Im not the person who is like "YOU BETTER HAVE A SUBJECT BEFORE YOU MESSAGE ME OR ELSE.." Nah, I *LOVE* Mail, and I hate an empty mailbox, sooo feel free to talk to me! If you do however want to chat or ask me anything, I will do my best to guide you or answer your question! Anways, If your still reading this boring ass shit, here is some stuff about me: ___________________________ _ _ * My photo(s) are public! (i need to upload more sorry) *My favorite colours are either black or nudes, or very light, subtle colors. It varies. *I love to read just about anything! I mostly love adventure or fantasy. *My favorite TV show is Santa Clarita Diet! (ughh i have to wait until 2019 for the next season :( ) *I love playing Volleyball, and Tennis *I am a Scorpio, explains why I think too deeply and feel to much. *I love traveling and plan on traveling the world.... I wish to go to many places in Europe *I am French, German, Latina, and proudly Italian~ *Music wise, I like RHCP, Sublime, Bush, Blink 182, Fall out Boy, The All American Regects, P!atd, Two Door Cinema Club,Twenty One Pilots, My Chemical Romance, Halsey, Drake, and Cardi B. (it depends on my mood lol) * My favorite songs are -- Bedroom Walls- In anticipation of your suicide & Two door cinema club- Undercover Martyn **LISTEN TO THEM!! ________________________ _ _ Anyways, have a good day! And feel free to message me anytime. **SOCIAL MEDIA---- INSTAGRAM: gracee.kelley SNAPCHAT: gracee.kelley