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Name: FreyaMarie
Birthday: Nov 12 1991
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I am Freya Marie Sage. I am an Old Soul. I recently found out about my family heritage. I have been practicing since I was 14. My story led me to pursue the Arts when i was put into a Fatal situation that caused me to find out what i am or in my case born with. I asked my family and no one ever expressed anything that would explain all of the situations I have been through and have learned all on my own. A lot was not easy and I was scared so much of my time while learning but I buckled down and taught myself how to cope with and to progress my abilities and I have progressed very well. Here is a small list of some of the things I am able to accomplish with hard work and study: Aerokinesis Astral Projection Aura Manipulation Banishing Channeling Clairaudience Conjuring the Elements Cursing Deflection Deviation Divination Dream Leaping Empathy Enhanced Intuition Enhanced Senses Glamouring Healing Immunity Premonition Psychokinesis Pyrokinesis Scrying Spell Casting Telekinesis