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Hi there everyone Names David and I hope to meet as many of you as possible so please don't hesitate to message. I like to study lore and mythology. Im a singer and artist Hopefully I can be helpful to others, I myself am still finding my balance in this world and searching for inner peace._________________________ What is life? The meaning of life, what is it really? Is there a meaning for something so confusing? What is our purpose, who are we? This world, this universe so vast and continuously expanding. Some believe our purpose is to explore and create. Whether that be happiness, love, civilizations, and stories to be made. Infinite possibilities and infinite answers to a question we have in our mind through out multiple generations. Think hard of the answer you already know it; its always been there just look deep inside you and your heart will show it. The life you live, the memories you create. Happiness given and smiles made. Creating art from the minds of many a great. Love from one to another, standing side by side holding eachother. Exploring all you wish to discover. Knowlege learned from studying hard. You see the meaning of life is in the eye of the beholder. You command your fate, you create the order. You are the answer to the meaning to life; every aspect of you makes the tale of a great. Life is your very being of your character, remember you are the writer of the answer. -David Dye