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Name: Widdica32
Location: Arkansas
Gender: Female
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I'm Widdica32. I'm a mother and an accountant. I come from a Creole descent being the only female practitioner besides my great great grandmother(rest in love) and my father, who recently became a certified numerologist/life coach.
I have been studying and practicing as solitary for almost 2 years now. My element is FIRE and I love moon and fire spells, finding them to be the most effective in my practice thus far.
I'm currently studying Theban, Herbalism, Candle Magic, Palmistry, and Numerology. The books I keep handy (although I'm not Wiccan) are; A Witch's Bible, Solitary Witch, Moon Spells, Magical Herbalism along with the encyclopedia, Incense Oils & Brews, Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals & Spells With Your Bare Hands, Magical Almanac, and The Complete Book of Witchcraft.
I also find interest in the Books of Solomon. I know the basics of the craft and I'm still growing. I'm open to suggestions and helping if I can, so feel free to message me relating to the craft. Any other type of messages will not be answered.
Blessed Be
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