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Your mate may want to pick a fight but if you're persistent with your affections their anger should dissipate. You must use discretion when talking to others. Gambling should not be an option. Put your energy into self-improvement programs that promise to make you into a better you.
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Jafamo's Profile

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Name: Jafamo
Birthday: Dec 19
Location: in the forest with my Dragon and friends
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 21 Aug 2016
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I have my own story in my head... so on this profile everyone can talk to any of my characters to know more about their life... (if you want to know how old they are or want to know my full name or something else just ask) images of everyone is on my album so you can choose who you want to talk to or maybe you want to talk to everyone? ok :) it's like a role play game, you can ask question to someone and he will answer to your question... ok... I think It's all I wanted to say... have a good day friend! *hugs you* (I know I'm weird) ~JafTheDrag~ please MAIL ME I'm bored... (But! mail to someone from my story not like real me because this isn't my real profile) ----------------------------------------------- News: *I won 1st place in selection combat one day... *And I was fighting in big combat and get the second place, but as I'm always wanted to be the first, we did a remach and now I'm 1st yay... *Idk... please someone write me a mesage! *I will marry Ryen on 1st december... *and... that's pretty weird, but I will marry Laem too... ...after 1 month, after marry Ryen... *so I will have two husbands wow... ;) *I want to tell you, how Ryen asked my hand :) he's atsually a bit shy in that things so I was very happy he did that. ok so he asked me to... like a date, because, well.. we don't have that good relationship. so we get dresed and went to... like a chinese restourant. and... I get drunk a litle.. ;D so I fell asleep.. on his sholder. when I woke up... I saw that ring in box on table and I was like "what?" and than I stared at the ring, at him, at ring, him..... so then when he woke up he was like "um... Jafamo.. will you be my wife?" and I was like *a strong hug* "of corse I will!!!" *with smileon his face, he puts the ring on and I smile and hug him agen* after some time he sed "I love you..." *I kissed him* "I love you too Ryen! I'm glad you did this!" *starts crying(Idk why, I just cried)and hug him agen, this time we bouth fall assleep... yes in the restourant.. and still huging lol* in the morning the restourant cheef came to ask when we will go, but he did'nt because we sleeped... so he sed in quit voice "Jo! get the camera! this is so cute!" *yep so he take a picture* I was like boom I'm awake and I sed "what did you do??" and he was like "uh.. sorry it was so beatiful, I couldn't did'nt do that sorry, I'm realy sorry!" than Ryen wake up "what? what is happening?" I did'nt tell Ryen, I asked "show me the picture!" *and than I thought "wow..." and I got very sad and give him back the picture* (why did I get sad? that's because I never imagine this could be so beatiful, because I thought we'll never be together...) so that's what happened on that date, I hope you like my story... *OMG 1st december is tomorrow..... and I still haven't planed anything for our wedings..... :|