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Name: TeenWitch23
Birthday: Apr 21 2000
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 18 Sep 2015
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Hi im TeenWitch23 but you can call me Ashy and i just want to be a good with also my spells may work...so just believe with your heart and it will come true. Im a beginner at magic and some of my ancestors was witches too (some was good and some was bad). So i want to study magic and become one of the good witches, i will use white magic. Im making my own spell book in real life to keep and use for important things. Also heres some other good facts about me:
*Friendly and Kind
*15 and single
*Love fandoms, anime, and Tumblr
*I always dreamed of being a teen witch
*And i always believe in people
So have a good day