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Name: greywitch124
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I've been practicing many different forms of magick for five years (since I was 14). I specialize in manifestation and nature spells. I follow many pagan religions and traditions. The deities I tend to follow most are the Mother Goddess (three moon, moon), Pan, Hecate, Danu, Seth, Anubis, Ra, Enlil, Vishnu, Ganesha, Buddha, Odin/Thor/Loki, the Horned God, and Lucifer. I also call upon the fallen angels. I have an affinity for the old norse, egyptian, and indian religions and traditions. I consider myself a grey witch, as I practice white, black and neutral magicks. I have a canine familiar. I tend to use a lot of herbs and crystals for stronger spells, while only using my own power for others (manifestation). I have found that many "new age" spells don't work for me unless I created it myself (drawing from old age techniques mostly).