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Name: SampadaA
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Profile updated 6/04/2015
I'm new to magick but to this site.Ive met wonderful people over here and gained much knowledge.I'm a witchcraft practitioner and a Management student...The meaning of name Sampada means Blessings.
I study alot about Hinduism,Egyptian witchcraft and vodoo
I'm currently focusing into
Currently learning divination methods
MY soul is free,
It belongs to none, not even me
My soul is unbound
There is nowhere it cannot be found
Higher, further than another
I return to find myself, no other
Out there and everywhere
There was nothing else for prayer
Who do i invoke aloud
For within this maddening crowd
Only gods and goddessees
Hide and reveal their inner bliss
In people everywhere i see
Myself disguised to many be
I close my eyes, alone to go
Beyond this great star studded show
But when i open up my eyes
I see myself, just multiplied
The world is just a mirror called us
And our soul, the universe
Thanks for reading
Blessed be!!