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hello my name is cheyanne, I'm a mother of 3, my first born passed away in 2012 had my son in 2014 and I have a beautiful step daughter. I have spent pretty much my entire life feeling like there's something missing I did some research and found out that I'm a light worker which pretty means I love helping others, I'm empathic loving caring I would like to find someone or a group of people to help me explorer finding my inner self. I'm a fun loving person and I love to learn new things, I'm a great people person, I love healing people and saving them, I love children and animals violence is not tolerated by me in any way, I would love to make the world a peaceful thing, even though I found out that I'm a light worker I know there is more to it, I have more gifts then just being about to sense, consume and control peoples energy. I would love to figure out what other gifts and things I can do and just learn new things as I sited before, hope everyone has a great day