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Researcher of the Hermetic arts. 17 years old.

Observations on the nature of reality:

1. Freedom is perhaps the greatest lie society encourages. The belief that we individually possess the ability to make decisions for ourself is so widely accepted that it has founded countries in this world. This is testament to the ignorance of these misguided souls. Everything in nature, which includes all that exists, including humanity, is a product of cause and effect. Every "decision" we make, every emotion we feel, and perception we have is influenced by a series genetic and conditioned factors that predispose us to these actions. These unconscious causes are so subtle and complex that we cannot possibly understand them entirely. Thus, like all things in nature, which is all that is, our feelings, impulses, and choices are effects of causes, which are external, and so you wonder if you have any control at all. Liberty is not real, as we are all bound by our natures.

2. One cannot choose where and under what circumstance they are "born" into this existence. So many are forced to submit to uncomfortable situations. These people are scarred, their dignity doomed the moment they drew breath. They fall into depression as they grow older. They lose others that they care about, people that believed in them and loved them in turn. Soon, the burdens of life reveal themselves, and they are forced to conform to the illusion of society. As the world falls apart around them, they are faced with an enemy greater than any other, their own mind. Free will is a lie, and so when they holda gun to their own head, they have no control over the sudden electrical impulse that travels from their brain, down their spine, up their arm and into their hand, causing them to pull the trigger. If you could switch every atom in your body with theirs, exposed to the same conditions as they were, could you say that you would not make the same choice?

3. We all search after meaning. Something that justifies our position in the universe. Something that raises our value beyond this grand insignificance. We attach ourselves to theology, attempting to divine meaning from the seemingly chaotic ether swarming around us. I proclaim now, unto all who read this, that all major religions of the world possess pieces of the truth, but are ultimately incorrect. There is a certain philosophy, originating in hellenized Egypt, that all major contemporary religious philosophies can be tracked back to. But even this philosophy is the conjunction of disparate elements, just as we are. The stoics knew the truth, but only by joining with the mystics of Kemetdid they spawn Hermeticism. The secret doctrine that hides in all religion. The Prisca Theologia, based in alchemy and logical analysis of the cosmos. The truth is that we are not important at all. We are all insignificant. The problems we all think we have are inconsequential. Are you one who cares for your social life? Cares for your reputation. Cares for your disposition in the eyes of those around you. But look at how quickly we all die. You will die; Those that remember you will die. Those that were told of you will die. You, like all things, will inevitably be consumed by the infinite abyss of linear time. Suddenly, all their praising and spurning becomes empty. As night yields to day, so does all that exists fade into disparate elements, only to be reassembled into new forms.

4. Birth and death are not real either. Birth - To become. Life - To Be. Death - To Become Not. These are lies. The elements that compose your body have been present since the beginning of the chain of causality. You have always existed, and you always will. There is nothing that is not real in the subjective sense. If one can visualize it, it exists in the microcosm, and so it must be real. The chain of events, both joyous and unfortunate, which compose the linear construct of lifemust inevitably change. ALL things change. So many are afraid of death, fearing what lies beyond. I implore you, nothing lies beyond but that which you already know. If you view death as BEING to NON-BEING, then you lie to yourself. What composes who you are is still present, and so the concept of death cannot exist in our reality. Likewise, birth is a misconception as well. The elements that came together to compose you were always present, and always will be. When you recognize that everything that exists is transient, constantly changing into different forms, you come to the conclusion that the future does not matter. You can be present in the moment, undaunted by trivial happenstance. This is one of the keys to self reflection and improvement. Just as you were "born" into this form, is it appropriate to say it won't happen again?

5. There are two aspects of reality that truly matter. The objective macrocosm, and the subjective microcosm. God is real, but it does not exist in the subjective sense many believe in. God is the whole of reality, including all space-time and possibility. We hermetists call this THE ALL. It permeates all things, including us. Just as a sculptor creates a statue, imbuing themselves into the process of making it in the symbolic sense, so is our existence a symbolic recapitulation of the divine. This is the divine paradox, we are both real and not real at the same time. All that is real is THE ALL, but since we are not THE ALL we are not real. But since we are part of THE ALL we must be real.

6. Everything that exists within THE ALL exists in subgradients, that is to say, ever shedding layers down to the most miniscule fragments of God. But since all things are reflections of THE ALL, one finds the key to the door in the palm of their hand. As above, so below. As within, so without. All is subgradient to THEALL. The goal of life is refinement, the achievement of the philosopher's stone. Do you think the original alchemists wereattempting to transmute lesser metals to gold? No, they were not. The alchemists that came after tried and failed, for they could not understand the symbolism of the hidden doctrine. We are lead, and we must become gold. The philosopher's stone is a formula to enlightenment. Mercury, Hermes, and Thoth, all the same being. A messenger of the secret doctrine, and a prime example of one who achieved the philosopher's stone.