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Name: Jane83
Birthday: Apr 3 1983
Location: Holland
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hai my name is CJ ( claudia-jane )
why i am here ..... i think i finally found a website that i like and where i can find the answers that i am looking for.
i believe that there is something after this life, if it is heaven, hell or purgatory i dont know. but i have seen, heard and experienced thing that i dont even begin to understand.
but i also believe in witchcraft, magic , spells and potions.
i think because i am the only one in my family ( besides my mother ) who thinks the way i do and believes like i do,that im seeking for answers anywere i can.
being like me makes life so much more interesting and fun . im openminded and i respect the people who dont believe and think like i do. every person is different and beautiful in its own way.
im gonna stop typing now hahaha.
have a great day everyone .