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Name: BreannaR000
Birthday: Mar 15 2001
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I'm Bre, I'm 17 and I'm a gamer. I play a few games which include The Forest, Subnautica, House Flipper, Rust, and a few more. In my free time, I like to watch youtube videos about video games and fall asleep. I don't do much other than those activities. I like to cook. I try and find new recipes that I've never tried before to see how it will turn out. I love cooking foods from different cultures. I don't like an empty inbox so message me but if you just say something like "hey" then I won't respond. That's a boring start to a conversation. If your subject line is empty then how will I know if I would be interested in what you want to say without opening it? Also, don't put "hey" in your subject box cause that isn't even a subject. I'm also very anti-social so if I go MIA from our chat don't worry I just needed a break and ill be back shortly. I don't usually like talking to people but I'm trying to overcome that.