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Loriaisme1's Profile

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Name: Loriaisme1
Location: Los Angeles
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 22 Jul 2014
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I have always known I was different. Ever since I was a little girl I had premonitions that often came true, I am intuitive and usually correct in my natural ability to know what is happening even without my human or immediate physical knowledge; if you know what I am trying to say. Two psychics now have informed me that I am a very strong and special individual, my colors are Gold and Yellow and there aren't very many of me around is what I've been told. I've had a negative energy invading me just recently which prompted me to seek our several (3) psychics which have all informed me of the same thing without the knowledge of what either of the others readers had to say about me. I am fairly secure in that I am a powerful white witch from another world with un-tapped power. Others, humans, animals (mainly birds) follow my mother and I. I believe she has also always had a strong connection to the afterlife, senses her spirit guides around her at all times as do I and with her strong beliefs in the spirit world I know she is also somehow connected to white magic that I haven't quite figured out yet. I know that I am of gold and yellow decent and have been read on two occasions confirming that I am a very unique individual. I am a rare individual who can bring great things and healing powers to those around me. I'm obsessed with finding out who I really am and I believe that joining proverbial hands of others like me, I may be able to figure out just who I really am and how to use these powers to heal, help and protect others from the evil that sits outside of our doors. The world can be an evil place and I believe that I was put here for great things by taking baby steps to figure out where I eternally came from and how I have come to be. My new psychic guide is helping to cleanse me of the negative energy over the last few days and I will soon have more answers to my questions. I am happy that I found this site and that I am not alone; when I was a child, I was told to keep things I saw and wanted to say, to myself because others who didn't understand me would think I was crazy, and now here I am in the presence of many just like me... For: Magical Beings Working Alone this is for my application (there was no place to put the information for the questions so I put them here.) 1.What have you studied and how long have you been practicing Well, I think I’ve been somewhat practicing all of my life without knowing that I was. I haven’t studied with or about anything. 2.What you expect to get from the coven and what you can bring to the coven I believe I will learn how to find myself, I will learn how to ask questions and learn more about who I might really be. I have felt the strength of an old white witch running through me for quite some time now but have no idea why or where I developed this knowledge of myself. 3.Why have you chosen to join MBWA I am drawn to this Coven because it seems to fit the need I seek to discover others like me, maybe help from experience and the ability to learn from other solitary individuals discovering themselves as I must. 4.How old you are I am 46 years old in the human life but feel I am an old soul dating back centuries. 5.How active will you be Very active as this seems to be the reason I am lost in the human world, I bump into walls every which way I turn. I don’t fit in, I can’t find myself and this is all so familiar to me. 6.What other names on the site do you go by Loriaisme1 only, I am new. 7.What other covens on the site have you been in. None, this is the first and the only one that drew my attention. 8.Your welcome to add anything else about yourself that you feel is important to tell us I know I was put here for a greater good. I feel and see spirits that require release and I don’t know how to either banish or release them into a life of freedom either unto our King of Kings or any other place they may belong other than here dwelling on the earth lost without aim. I’ve been a special individual and two psychics have informed me the first said I am a see’r and that I am very much like her, knew I had powers and said they were strong powers. The 2nd psychic told me that I am a very rare individual of gold and yellow colors. Very strong and that I needed to cleanse myself of negative energies to continue helping others and to open my channel to the other side. I don’t know what it all means yet and I am figuring out who I am step by step but I can picture myself in my old life a very strong white witch and although this may or may not be true, I have to find myself because there is much work to be done here… For this reason I seek the assistance of this Coven as my beginning into my new life…