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Name: RhiSabelle
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Hello, my name is Rhi. I started on the path of witchcraft about two years ago. I am always researching, always learning, and always studying. My intention is to study as many religions, cultures, and magical practices as I can, as I am a passionately curious person.

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If you are wanting to talk to me, keep a few things in mind. I love conversation, but if you flirt with me, do not spell out your words, or make no effort to be grammatically correct, I will not be inclined to respond to you. Also, I like intellectual conversation. Small talk is okay, but I crave people who can meet with me on an intellectual level and hold a conversation of such capacity.

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Currently I am studying:

  • Sigils
  • Crystals
  • Divination
  • Mythology
  • Meditation
  • Shamanism
  • Energy Manipulation

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I cannot do a tarot reading for you. Just be aware, that I can also refuse to do a reading for you due to various reasons. If you are interested in a reading, mail me with the following questions answered.

  • What is your specific question/dilemma/situation you would like a reading about, or would you simply like a general reading? (A general reading would include either a three or five card past, present, and future reading.)
  • What medium/spread would you like me to use? (Mediums to choose from: Deviant Moon Tarot, Playing Cards, or Universal Waite Tarot. Note: If you do not specify, then I will choose one on my own. )

If you are asking for a reading from me, make sure you have read and understood this thread. http://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=738833

I can answer questions you have about witchcraft, especially questions dealing in my current studies, but I will not spoon feed you information. If you are not willing to learn, I cannot teach you.

I cannot turn you into a vampire, werewolf, mermaid , or any other mythological creature or cryptid. These things are physically impossible.

I cannot cast a spell for you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A bit more about me:

Zodiac: Sagittarius/Ophiuchus (The reason I include Ophiuchus is due to the fact that I resonate strongly with Ophuichus and if it were officially included in astrology, I would fall under it.)

Relationship Status: I have been happily taken for over two years.

Religious Standpoint: Somewhere between Agnostic and Pantheist.

Tarot Deck of Choice: Deviant Moon Tarot

Favorite Colour: Red.

Favorite Animal: Owl

Favorite Crystal: Obsidians

Hobbies: Singing. Drawing. Acting. Writing. Playing various instruments. Math. Painting. Collecting vaious items such as bones, animal figures, books, art suppies, etc. Making things like crafts. Being in the woods and mountains near running water.