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Name: ScarletFur3
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Hey guys! This is my new account my old one was Grohiik. My message limit got reached so here I am!! If you want to just read more about me its the last paragraph. I really wish to be a werewolf, vampire, or any were-creature so if you can help with that message me please! Im naturally a very shy person, but around my friends or people I'm comfortable with, I can be like the energizer bunny on crack. ^w^ About me... Status: Taken. So don't ask and NO flirting Current mood: Wishing I had someone who cared... Fav game: The Elder Scrolls V.Skyrim Name: Nora Favorite Creepy Pasta: Eyeless Jack. Look up his story :33 Age: If I wanted you to know I would have told you Profile pic: My favorite game from the Zelda series. I don't own the art or nothing hehe ~~~~~ I have a question regarding Astral Projection so please message me if you could help ^^ ~~~~~ Current interests: Astral Projection, Werewolf spells, Wings spells, Dragon summoning ~~~~~ I hate it when people say that im crazy for believing in werewolves, vampires, and magick. I take that personaly because they are judging me by what I believe in. If people believe in god than why cant magick be real? ~~~~~ I'm currently reading the Dark Tower series (on book three ^^ ) And have no clue what I'll read after I finish it. I draw but suck at it, there's maybe three drawings I would share with people, I am straight but strongly support gays and bis. I don't care if my grammar is wrong so don't message me about it or I'll block you, let's see... oh! I have a cat named Tita, her real name is rose. My sister is on here, her name is Midnightkil. I cuss a lot so don't get mad if I do. I have three charectars i find attractiv, one in a movie, one in a book, one in a story, if we become good friends i might tell u who they are. Well that's about it! I will update the Current Interests every so often. Hurt my friends, family, or loved ones, you have to deal with me. And you do NOT want to deal with me. I am absolutly in love with Homestuck ((Karkitty is mine!)) Im making cosplays! ((Pictures to come ;33 )) Thanks for reading this! Message me if ya want ^^ ~~~~~~~~ I just realized that I have not been on here for a good two months. And I'm hoping to change that. I've just recently gotten brand new inspiration to try and accomplish my magick goals ^^