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Name: HerDaughter
Birthday: Apr 4 1997
Location: In the darkness, beside my mother.
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Status- Having a busy time so cannot be on here much, so if you want to talk add me on Facebook. Goddess bless.

Hey there. This is a girl from India speaking and my name is Shreya . I'm a Wiccan and haven't been initiated yet by the priestess. I've great interest in all mythologies of all over the world and the dark creatures and everything that's related to Magick. I'm here to learn. Learn about Wicca, learn about the other paths of Witchcraft, learn about the ancient cultures and traditions. I'm really interested in the mythological creatures, mainly cause of the controversies that if they even exist or not. Deep inside I do believe they exist, and I hope I would meet a few in here.

I'm in High School and my subjects are English, History, Sociology and Psychology. I enjoy studying them cause all of them are very close to my heart. I'm not very regular at school cause I don't like the crowd but then I still sometimes just show up at parties! I love reading and writing, I sing too, and I like to watch various dance forms. Never tried dancing myself, cause of the low self-esteem issues with myself being fat, but I hope I might end up dancing someday. I enjoy praying, I enjoy watching and observing and feeling the nature, I love the sun, I love the heat, I love the rain, it makes me feel so pure. I feel the wind blowing, I feel the rain coming down with the thunder storms singing with it. I love mountains, I love seas, I love deserts. I love darkness, I love light, I love animals, I love creatures, I love colors, I love balloons. I love every little things that makes me happy rather than big costly things. So that was pretty a bit about me.

I practice-

Reiki, both touch and distant healing. (Just a healer, not a teacher yet.)

Angel Healing , also known as connecting and working with the Angels to heal people, situations, and mental problems.

Oracle card reading .

Pendulum dowsing .

Balancing the Chakras .

Cleansing and clearing the negative energies out of a place .

I also do these things which every other witch do, like meditating, grounding, shielding, and praying.

I'm very thankful to my teacher Dilpreet Kaur Bedi who has taught me all these, and I'd like to thank all the Divine Spirits up there.

I feel so safe when I meditate and pray. Its my favorite. I like to pray more than casting a spell.

I'm a natural born clairsentient, and a bit of clairaudient. I am currently working on these two only to make them stronger. I'll move to the rest two when I would be done with these two.

I'll help out anyone if they need to know or learn anything if that comes under my knowledge and with any stuff they might need help with if they can be rectified with the things I practice and have learned throughout the ongoing journey. But then, I'm never gonna do anything which comes under Black Magick , so keep that in mind.

I'd love to learn about any kind of healing, psychic defense,to activate psychic powers, Astral Projection, divination, spell casting, rune casting, ancient languages, Egyptology, mythologies all around the world, tarot and about anything you might have to offer. I wanna learn everything that the Goddess sends my way.

I do have a list of items I want on my wishlist, cause someone decoded the message that spirits want me to have some treausres, and so I am just llistening to them. Thank you, Courtney , and Anika , and the whole coven of yours for helping me so much.

P.S.- I didn't find any option to put a few of my messenger accounts up differently, cause I don't use any other networking sites at this moment. My Skype is Cutiechicktiana. My Yahoo is Diaindarkness. My gTalk is blackrain497@gmail.com

I do Oracle card readings, Pendulum dowsing, distant Reiki healing on my tumblr, and you are always cordially welcomed to visit it from my website link.

So whoever and whatever you are, a witch, a Wiccan, a Shaman, a Voodoo practitioner, a practitioner of any path, Satanist, or any other, a vampire, a mermaid, a werewolf, or any other mythological creature, or anything that is surrounded by Magick, or just a human who's curious or even who just joined the site, I'd love to meet you and get to know you.

See ya soon.

Love and blessed be!

This is something I wrote on the eve of Samhain, 2013.

I stare out the window

Mist everywhere,

Are they approaching?

The leaves are turning cold

The trees are humming the names

I feel myself getting erased in this exotic feeling

The wind blows

So cold,

The stars blink, just like I blink my eyes,

I see the long forgotten sight

The sea, the mountains, the forest,

Getting smudged inside the mist all at once

And as I've known,

The veil was getting thinner every second,

I finally smile,

Knowing the veil is gone.

They have came.

It's their time.