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Name: oliviacloud
Birthday: Apr 7 2000
Location: its not where i am, its how i am.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 13 May 2016
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the ocean is my home..
give me a boat, truck, and a fishin pole and im set
finally 16!
Blue=I want a second chance
yellow=you're cute
green=i want a kiss
purple=I will die for you
red=i want you to kiss me
pink=let's cuddle
orange=i owe you a kiss
black=i want a hug
rainbow=i really like you
white=im crushing on you
brown=i love you.
grey=you are a THOT!!!!!!!
gold=will you be my boo?
im 80r3d 50 7311 m3 if y0u c4n