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Name: MoonWind.
Birthday: Nov 13 1985
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 27 Feb 2014

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I am not good with bio's but ill put a little something here. I used to go by LucidMoon. But its now Moon Wind i am 28. But you call Moon or Wind which ever you prefer. The picture on my profile i found through google, i love fantasy art so i thought i would use it. I love to learn about everything. I dont just study one thing. I am very much into the paranormal. I have been for a very long time.I really love to read about all types of magick and mythologies. I dont cast spells unless its something for cleansing or protection. I am just not really into spell casting, because its not always my cup of tea. But it is fun to read about spell casting and rituals. Just to let everyonee know please stop asking me to cast spells for you. I do not do any kind of spell work. yet alone cast for others. I do not cast spells for people online. Thanks. Blessed Be!

Occult Interest

  • Mythology
  • Demonolgy
  • The Paranormal
  • Occultism

My Animal Spirit/Totem: I have different kinds of animal totems that i connect with :) my lastest i feel is the monkey. not sure what species though.

When it comes to animal totems or spirits you can have more then one. Each animal totem represents yourself in some way or form. They come to you to give you guidence and help you on your journey, if needed. I have seen many animals in my dreams. Some i feel connected with strongly and some i just see .

Zodiac Sign: Ox

Astrology Sign : Scorpio

Element: Water

Gemstone: Citrine

My other favorite things to do is read and draw. Art and drawing is my passiong and will always love doing it. I am hoping to be a better artist in the near future. I love to draw all types of art. Anywhere from fantasy, manga, animals and more. Some of my favorite paranormal shows are Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State. I love love love rock music.but i love others too. MY FAVORITE BANDS include Evanescense, Pantera, Rob Zombie, Paramore, Disturbed, Metallica, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Plumb, Sia, Imogen Heap, Enya, Massive Attack, Oasis, Owl Citiy, One Republic and 30 Seconds to Mars.