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Name: Bleike
Birthday: Oct 29 1992
Location: a place between complete zen and utter chaos
Gender: Male
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Where I'm at: I am able to lucidly dream almost at the drop of a hat. It is fairly easy for me to achieve such a state as daydreaming before drifting into REM sleep, the dreams during this time are usually based loosely on whatever I am thinking at the time. This is particularly more frequent after waking, say, at an alarm in the morning and then consecutively between each new snooze alarm (ie. 10min intervals). I am also able to alter the story line of these dreams and in some cases return to the beginning; a rewind. I have also experienced dream paralysis to such an extent as I am able to wake completely from it (force mind back to sleep then wake both body and mind). There have been a few instances of astral projection that I am aware of, although a few seem to be more dream based communication compared to those where I left my body. I have not, as far as I am aware, successfully astral projected outside of these select events. 6-7 years ago I used to experience the vibratory stages of astral projection rather frequently although they seemed to fade and pass with time. These vibrations were more often than not coupled with dream paralysis. I am aware of levels of precognitive dreams, clairvoyance, clairsentience and empathy, sometimes to the extreme and I often have severe migraines. ~~ Root: under-active (-44%) Sacral: under-active (6%) Navel: open (25%) Heart: under-active (6%) Throat: over-active (81%) Third Eye: over-active (81%) Crown: open (38%) This is a fantastic improvement. As I work through the black swirl of my past (lives) I am getting ever closer to finding that ultimate balance between the dark and the light. ~~ I guarantee complete confidentiality should you need someone to talk to about anything which may be causing you grief, as suffering a great deal of pain gives one quite a position to assist others passing through similar, often emotionally violent experiences. I am in no way a professional counselor, however, I have experienced in my past a very great number of things, many of which still hold me in a state of anxiety, depression, alienation, a sense of abandonment, self-torture, and more besides. I am not naive in thinking this pain will ever go away. Instead, I am using it to further empower myself, to give myself the strength and guidance I require in order to ensure this level of pain, or indeed any to the extreme, is felt by others as little as possible. The point is, you are not alone. If you need to talk for any reason, I am always willing to listen. If I do not reply straight away then I will within 24 hours or so. ~~ I wish you all well on future endeavours. =.---.= ~~ Remember: The parameters of your reality are always limited by your perception.