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Name: ViciousLee
Location: Shinigami Realm
Gender: Male
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I guess I'll do this whole Bio thing. My username is ViciousLee. You can call me by that name or Vicious, Lee, or L. I have a couple of disabilities that I was bullied for, all my life, and because of that I've attempted suicide far too many times to count. I like to pray to the Greek gods, because unlike the Christian god, the Greek gods actually listen. I once prayed to Hecate to make it snow in my town on Christmas, and it actually snowed. Thank you Hecate, Greek goddess of magic. I'm really shy, and don't like to be around people. I love drawing, anime, and music. In a way I could be a vampire, because I don't enter people's homes wthout being invited in, and I do get a burning sensation in my throat when I'm thirsty and the two things that can cure the burning is either soda or blood. Also, I do burn easily in the sun and am more energetic during night. Also, apparently I have the personality of a grey wolf. I care about loved ones, and am usually a nurturer. So yeah. I guess that's my Bio. 727244396833263384476377243662478822463 464773556696843766466343668566946962698 463746464648623744482336739687827854783 646443257676223384346597665336688787844 626966732663225866346843663946568379689 4373769242623?