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Name: Giada
Location: The realm of physical being
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Iv'e been practicing magick for around 7 years now, and some of my main interests are Fae and the little people. I love animals (especially cats and rats) and I'm very connencted and communicative with all animals. I enjoy to spend my past time practicing herbalism, wandering through the woods, and collecting rocks. All in all, if you have any questions involving herbalism, folklore, and rocks, I'm your guy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Specilizations: -herbalism, nature, plants. - Stones, crystals, and rocks. -Folklore/Mythology/Fae/the Little people ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I live by simple rule: *Venn av skog, Venn av meg.* ---------------------------------------------------------------------- some simple answers to some simple questions: - You can't change your form ( werewolf, mermaiden, grow wings, etc) - You can't summon Pikachu, and there is no "anime realm" - You cant put glitter and soy sauce in a jar, call it a " Faerie attracting potion, and expect it to work. ----------------------------------------------------------------------