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Event: Ostara

Waxing Crescent
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kaycee's Profile

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Name: kaycee
Location: Philippines
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 21 May 2008
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
I'm Kaycee, 19 yrs old and I was born in a war freak country, the Philippines. I was raised in the streets of Cotabato City where everyday is a constant struggle between life and death. I'm seeing twenty years from now, my beloved (ick!) hometown will be in ruins if the corrupt government won't do something. But - that's life. "The strong shall live and the weak shall die" It's a good motto - one that I'll never ever forget. Sometimes, I found myself all alone in this entire sphere of existence. Don't get me wrong here - I have lots of friends. Good friends, loyal, reliable and fun to be with. But in my everyday life, I'm on a constant trek to find someone that's like me or kin to my interests. A boyfriend, maybe. Ha! I consider the male species to be s complex as their counterparts. My star sign is Scorpio. Mysterious, magnetic and the sexiest sign among the others. Yes, I'm quite mysterious, though I would love to live out loud. There are just so many things that my friends, family and even myself could not depict. I believe in the saying "Forever is not enough to know a person" Everyday - we change. The world we are living in changes to a greater degree though we may not notice it. But we are just mere mortals trying to live our lives as perfect as possible. But in the real world, there's no such thing as "perfect individuals" that's why the work of the world doesn't have to wait to be done by the "perfect people" I am as unique as everybody else. I am comfortable being myself. I love being different, if that's the way it has to be. I consider myself to be an average teen. Bizarre in life - I've been through a lot of ups and downs. I've been in the honor class, I've been caught shoplifting, I've done cheating, I smoke, I drink...you name it. I have an ocean of tolerance in me. I accept what others find unacceptable. I'm very touchy when it comes to honor and obligation. I love being free. If freedom is taken away from me - I would die! Literally. I don't want others to tell me what to do, even if it is my parents. I can be as stubborn as a mule. I am easy to get along with. I love food, History and music. I am a determined person. I won't give up without a fight, even if it causes death. I love my friends more than anything else in the world. I am a passionate, single-minded person capable of depths of emotion. I usually don't shy away from the truth just because it's not exactly what I or others want to hear. I am private and I love what is hidden - and I always want to uncover it. I like to be alone with my thoughts as much as I want to share other's company. I am not interested in the superficial, which is why my relationship (if ever I have one) run so deep. I don't shy way from the shadow - rather I quest for the truth. I guess, that's about it for now, or do I need another page? ;)