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Name: xXKeikoXx
Birthday: Jan 25 1999
Location: Wisconsin
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******Stuff About Me******
Name: Call me Keiko or Xael
Gender: Agender
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Romantic Orientation: Demiromantic
Goddess of Choice: Egyptian Goddess Isis
Music: Techno, Some Indie Pop, Acoustic, Alternative, Classic Rock
Favorite colors: Violet, Black, Yellow
Favorite plants: Roses, Lilies, Willow Trees.
Favorite element: Air
Birth element: Air
Religion: Buddhist
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Western Zodiac: Aquarius
Instrument: Oboe
Languages: English, some Italian
Spells I've Done: Strength, Finding Lost Things, Beauty, Love, Self-Love, some Hexes etc.
Hobbies: Reading, drawing, and writing.
Favorite Show: Supernatural