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Name: Fiend
Location: Among the dead
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I am an atheist and a skeptic when it comes to magick and the supernatural, so I have developed a logical and sensible path based on facts rather than belief. My path at the moment consist of venerating the dead, spirit work, and necromancy. I had a strange fascination with death ever sense I was little and grew into something more when I discovered witchcraft. The age I discovered the craft was around 12 or as an early teenager. It grew from their and lead me to where I am today. I also work with crystals and do simple sigil magick, but on my free time I am learning to use the Ouija board and am trying to become more acquainted with the tarot.

If you wish to message me please follow the following criteria.

Concerning mail

  1. Do not ask for spells or readings.
  2. Do not spam me.
  3. Do not flirt with me. This isn't a dating website.
  4. Do not troll me or message me nonsense. Any messages that talks about nonsense will be answered honestly and sometimes bluntly.

If for any reason you feel the need to talk to someone about your troubles, do not hesitate and just message me. I am a very caring and sincere person and I'd rather have people talk about there problems than lash out their emotions on other people or most importantly themselves. Do not do anything you will regret later and remember quick and rash decisions are at least most of the times not suitable for short term problems. We are only here on this earth for little while and I think its best for people to understand where people are coming from instead going in for the kill each time someone argues with you. I am usually on everyday, so don't be afraid to send me a message.