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Name: Keeara_Leann
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Hello, my name is Casey. I'm a lesbian and happily taken. I specialize in make charms, using variations of different crystals, herbs (dried or fresh), and items. I read and use Tarot cards. I do kitchen witchery and like to do spells outside beside a large tree.
I am a Libra, making my star sign the scales, my tarot Justice, and my element air. I'm year of the rat, giving me a bit of advance in the water element as well.
I'm an animal person and have 2 familiars, 1 being more helpful than the other. The main one would be my 6 year old, black, female dog, Penny. She knows when I need her and when she needs to stay out of the way. My other would be my 2 year old, orange, male beta fish, Eridan. He gets excited every time I perform a spell in front of him, showing it by swimming around his tank as fast as possible, then stopping to watch me before repeating the process. However, pet-wise, I also have a long-haired calico cat (Sister) and a clam (Cog).
My few hobbies include playing the flute and ocarina, painting, and sewing clothes and charms.