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My name is James Thomas Windsor, but I am called "Gandalf" by my closest, because I have certain resemblance with that fictional Tolkien character; my long hair and long white beard, etc. I am (proudly) 91 years old. Quite healthy for I exercise every day and I eat quite well. Apart from exercise and a good diet, I believe Magick has been touching my life positively since I first meet it. It was a cold morning of 1942. I was studying in an old church full of books in some bookshelves, when I found a very old book regarding magick. I found ancient information about witches and their persecution by the Church... Then I felt like I was needing some more... let's say "precise" information. I found out that witches are not bad people, well, not every single one. I did find out that practising Magick is a wonderful way of living the life. It has been helping me a lot since then. I studied, understand, know: Demonology, Alchemy, Magick types, Astral Projection, etc. Feel free to ask me! I've studied a lot, I've practised a lot, and now I feel like the student is ready, but I need to meet him/her. I know there is someone seeking for help. I will provide that help if asked. Feel free to ask me anything you want about Magick or other related topic. I enjoy teaching, reading, writing, drawing, painting, imagining. Do not ever stop studying. I keep studing too! Thank you very much for taking your time on reading my words. Blessings.