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Name: Sallustius
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 12 Apr 2021
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Coven Title: Priest

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Hello reader, I'm Sallustius and I am the High Priest of Magical Beings Working Alone , so if you have any questions pertaining to the coven (how to join, or anything in general), feel free to mail me and I shall get back to you as soon as possible. Magick has been a Passion of mine for many, many years now. If I had to call myself something, I'd call myself an Occult Practitioner , yes just that, nothing more, nothing less. I have walked many a path in my life, and I honour and cherish each and every one of them, for everybody and everything may offer you something valuable in life ; if you let them, that is. Diversity, variety and individuality enchant me to a great degree, I'm not going to lie. Disregard people's disparaging comments, be and embrace yourself.

At least, that is how I swing by. People who truly love and appreciate themselves are pretty scarce today. Thus, dare to make a difference. Reasons for this phenomenon abound, evidently... I, for one, do not let anybody coerce me into doing something that doesn't make my heart sing. Subdue yourself and walk towards your goal. Focus and keep walking. You and only you can define yourself. As for me, now. I am someone with a pretty laid-back and effervescent personality. I am earnest and hard-working. I try to keep an open mind, I'm outspoken and opinionated but I am 100% me. I do not tolerate obtuse and brazen people. I am preoccupied with many things and activities in my life. Oftentimes, I facetiously call myself a jack of all trades. I have been beset with many difficulties in my life, but I always manage to survive. I guess that suffices.

Last but not least, should you have any questions pertaining to Magick or our coven, feel free to mail me. Asking questions is something of paramount importance, at least to me. In case you're a beginner please refrain from feeling adrift, confused, or isolated. You're not alone. Be diligent, discerning and work assiduously... the rest will flow.