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Name: Bane.A.
Birthday: Mar 5 1987
Location: New Mexico in the sun and sand
Gender: Female
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Hello hello once again dearest friends. Indeed it is I Bane, .Bane. , Bane.. the one and only. Bane Alexandria as I am called by many. I have been in the craft for a very long time. A little over 14 years now learning and living with in magic. My areas of interest are quite large, almost never ending as I hope my journey of learning will be as well. I am open to answering questions and would love to do so if they are presented in a respectful and understandable matter. I do not however like to spoon feed people and have been called harsh with my truth at times. As well I do my chatting in the chatter so please dont waste my inbox space with a "whats up" or "hey". Thank you for your consideration. :) Show respect get respect.