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Name: Elenara
Birthday: Jun 29 1994
Location: everywhere :D
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So call me Elenara.I am a friendly person.Sooo add me as a friend if u want! I like to write spells.I can make working potions too. ABOUT ME: i am 17 I have a dog i like Vampire Diaries,Ghost Whisperer,and sometimes i watch H2O I live in Europe(Hungary) I can speak english and my language.xd What i wish to become: Well,some people asked me.I do not know.Sometimes a vampire,sometimes a werewolf.But rather vampire:) I LIKE: limonade animals scary things movies music get friends write spells,cast spells use my android tablet(at the moment i using this too) videochat to sleep XD tell horror stories on 13th Friday(because my friends are not so brave..but i always laugh on them;) read Shakespeare(my favourite is Romeo and Juliett) AND A LOTS OF THING I DISLIKE: smoking(cause it is so smoky) watch cartoons wear pink clothes(okay sometimes i wear it up) And mainly thats. I am scene.NOT emo..(or all of two?!)xd And if you want to know something else message me:) A HORROR STORY A little girl went to the shop with her parents.They are went to the toyshop.The little girl saw a doll,who is shows with her fingers 2.The little girl got the doll.At night,the little girl put the doll into a box..Later,the girl heard something:"I came out from the box"The little girl think it is just a dream. "I am next to your head" The little girl opened her eyes,and the doll is cutted down the girl's head..... At the morning,the doll shows 3..... And my picture is not a fake.I had a blog but i deleted it.And there was this picture.But some people copied it.This is the reason why you can find my picture in the browsers.